Why Do We Do It?

The PR and Communications industries are female-led. 65% of practitioners are female, and an increasing number entering the profession have a university degree. Yet because we have not worked out how to make flexible working work in PR, the average age is just 28.

We want to change that.

With maturity comes knowledge and experience. And those are things that directly benefit our clients, their clients, the perception of the PR industry and profitability.

Flexible working doesn’t mean not being there at the 9am Monday morning team meeting, nor necessarily working part-time.

It may mean not having your team working directly in your line of sight all day, every day. But technology alone is killing that and driving a world of alternative working patterns.

For our clients meeting a candidate with the right skills, experience, attitude and commitment, is far more important.

We believe businesses move forwards with talented people. Can yours afford to overlook them?