25th January 2017


Earlier this week we talked about how UK fathers would prefer to spend less time at work and more time with their families. However, more research that was released today suggests that 83% of mothers in the UK feel the opposite, and would rather work than give up their jobs and stay home with their children.

The survey of mums throughout the UK, conducted by 2to3days and FEEL Communications, found that of those surveyed, 72% were more motivated by the challenges that work brings, whilst 66% thought it was important to set a good example and be a role model for their children.

The research found that the biggest priority for working mums was flexible hours, with 51% saying that this should be an option. A quarter of mums said they looked for a trusting manager, whilst only 7% wanted a salary that recognised their skills.

Eight out of ten mums said they regularly worked outside of their contracted hours and 86% work up to eight hours per week extra. Despite this, 32% thought that the hours weren’t a problem as long as the job is done.

The survey also found a significant need for flexible and part time roles, with 98% specifying that this is what they looked for. However, only 8.7% of the jobs advertised in the UK offer flexible working with a salary of £20,000 or more.

Jane Johnson, Managing Director of FEEL Communications, said, :”We have a network of associates who passionately believe in their own career development but have chosen to do this around their family commitments.”

“Because we work with clients who offer flexible working arrangements, our clients can reach talented experienced women who would otherwise be inaccessible to them.”

“Some companies struggle to keep women in their workforce after having a family so there is clearly more that needs to be done but our research shows the positive attitude and value that many mothers bring to the workforce.”

Juliet Turnbull, founder of 2to3days, said, “The consistent feedback that we have had from employers who have successfully used our site is that they are blown away with the calibre of our candidates and the cost-effective ease of finding them.”

“Whilst from the mothers it is palpable relief that our site exists.”

The original article can be found here in jobs.co.uk

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